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Donald Trump complained about “unfair” media coverage as at least five people were killed in the Bahamas as a result of hurricane Dorian.

The storm pummelled Grand Bahama yesterday when it remained almost stationary for hours over the island, causing “extreme destruction”.

This video shows how slowly the hurricane has moved across the island:

Meanwhile, Trump was focused on other things – such as visiting his golf club…

And complaining again about the “Fake News” media attacking him.

Trump is referring to a tweet on Sunday when he falsely claimed that Alabama would “most likely be hit” by Dorian.

That claim was so wrong that the National Weather Service had to scramble to issue a correction to it…

It's not clear whether Trump is doubling down on his claim to protect his pride or because he genuinely thinks he was right... or that maybe for a very brief moment the hurricane really was going to hit Alabama, this does seem doubtful however.

More importantly, the president has failed to tweet condolences so far after the storm - although he managed to tweet on Sunday asking people to pray for the islands.

It looks like Trump cares more about his reputation than the thousands of people suffering in the Bahamas right now.

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