Trump cancels trip to Poland 'to monitor Hurricane Dorian' only to visit golf club instead

On Saturday, president Trump confirmed that he would be cancelling a planned trip to Poland to stay in the United States and monitor Hurricane Dorian which is due to hit Florida on Monday.

The storm, which has been confirmed as a Category 4, is set to bring 130mph winds and has prompted officials to place Florida under a state of emergency.

Given the severity which the state is facing, Trump's decision could be seen as understandable but an AP report that the cancellation of the Poland trip, where he was due to meet other world leaders and politicians to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the start of World War II, came as a shock to White House staff, with Trump informing them that he would spend the day at Camp David and keep a close eye on the Hurricane.

However, further reports have stated that the president didn't stay at Camp David at all and instead flew to his private golf course in Virginia, via helicopter, where he stayed for several hours, presumably to play golf, as reported by AP .

Trump did return to Camp David later that day and according to White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, the president was with a FEMA official and was briefed "every hour" about the hurricane.

That being said, this hardly excuses the president of completely cancelling a trip for a very important historic event, to survey an incoming natural disaster only to do something altogether different and essentially have some leisure time.

Needless to say, people, we quick to criticise him on social media with others noting that a mass shooting would have been occurring in Texas at the same time.


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