Donald Trump has announced strict new rules for future immigrants to the United States, including learning English and a passing a civics exam.

In a speech delivered at the White House on Thursday, the president confirmed that the new system will award individuals on a points-based system based on their qualifications, job offers and other attributes.

Trump said:

Priority will also be given to higher wage workers ensuring that we never undercut American labour to protect benefits for American citizens immigrants must be financially self-sufficient.

Finally, to promote integration, assimilation and national unity future immigrants will be required to learn English and pass a civics exam prior to admission.

The Trump administration's proposal has already drawn criticism from Democrats. House speaker, Nancy Pelosi questioned if the president saw all people as having no merit as they lacked a certain degree.

Are they saying family is without merit? Are they saying most of the people who’ve come to the United States in the history of our country are without merit because they don’t have an engineering degree?

Certainly we want to attract the best to our country.” But she said “merit” is a 'condescending' word that means 'merit' in the eyes of Donald Trump.

Beyond the Democrats, people were very quick to pose the question of whether Trump or any of his family would succeed in passing the test? After all their basic grasp of the English language isn't anything to shout about.

Others highlighted that although they and their families could not speak English when they arrived in America yet they still contributed to the United States.

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