Fox News hosts are pleading with Trump to stop tweeting during the impeachment hearings

Fox News hosts are pleading with Trump to stop tweeting during the impeachment hearings

The impeachment hearings against Donald Trump's alleged attempt to extort information from Ukrainian officials are in full swing right now with the likes of Marie Yovanovitch and Alexander Vindman all testifying.

Despite the magnitude of what is taking place, it has hardly been fireworks and doesn't make for the most exciting brand of television you'll ever witness.

That being said, there is one man who can't take his eyes away from the screen and sharing his thoughts about it all over Twitter. You guessed it: That person is Donald Trump.

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Here are a few examples of things that the president has tweeted in the last few days about the enquiries.

Now, nobody can actually stop him from tweeting but he should probably think twice about doing it again as it really isn't a great idea, especially when a lot of people are currently trying to have you ousted from office.

Reports have suggested that Trump's own advisers have admitted that his social media attacks on the likes of Yovanovitch are not a good idea and could be damaging. Some critics have even suggested that may be considered as witness intimidation.

It's not just his aides either. His favourite news network Fox have also pleaded with him to stop tweeting about the hearings while they are going on.

On Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning, co-host Brian Kilmeade said:

I just think overall, the President should just ignore this whole thing. Don’t tweet during it, don’t get outraged over it. It ticks you off.

There’s so much for him to do, I just think let these guys like Doug Collins and company fight it out and keep it on the straight and narrow for the Republican perspective.

Telling Trump to not get angry about even the smallest of things is probably easier said than done as the man appears to have the temperament of a small child.

Kilmeade isn't the only member of the Fox News team that has told Trump to stop tweet during this time.

Laura Ingraham, a woman known for her nuanced take on all matter of things, also told the president to put the phone down.

Speaking on her own show on Monday evening, she said:

Now if I were Trump, I wouldn’t even talk about impeachment. I wouldn’t tweet about it, I wouldn't dignify it. 

It’s not an impeachment drama, it’s a comedy of constitutional errors. You know what I would say?

I would say see you in court. Or see you at the ballot box. That’s real drama. The type that could bring down the House

We doubt any of these interventions will actually work but it is alarming to see even some of the president's most ardent supporters squirm in anguish as he continues on his Twitter barrage.

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