Trump said that a Medal of Honor recipient killed an insurgent who was 'wearing a wardrobe'

Donald Trump has a habit of jumbling up his words and misspelling things on Twitter, but it's less common for him to make those sort of gaffes in public.

During a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, honouring a Medal of Honor recipient for his service during the Iraq war, the president got a little confused about what someone was wearing.

Staff sergeant David Bellavia was receiving the award thanks to his courageous efforts in November 2004 during the second battle of Fallujah, where he single-handedly killed four insurgents and protected the lives of his squad members.

However, when recounting Bellavia's endeavour, Trump misspoke and claimed that one of the insurgents that Ballavia killed was not only hiding in a wardrobe but he also wearing a wardrobe too.

Next, two more insurgents came out of hiding and fired at David.  He returned fire, killing them both. 

Then, a third assailant burst out of a wardrobe — wearing a wardrobe — and opened fire.  

We can't be sure if Trump was told that or just decided to read it out himself thinking that the attacker was literally dressed as a wardrobe?

Either way, he was mocked for this bizarre utterly moment.

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