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This is not a drill: You can buy toilet paper stamped with Donald Trump’s face.

You can now match your Donald Trump toilet brush with some US prez toilet paper, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sold by Gagster on Amazon, they promise to “make toilet paper great again.”

The description reads:

DONALD TRUMP'S FACE TOILET PAPER IN FULL COLOR - the face of "The Donald" printed on each square throughout the entire roll

SOFT & ABSORBENT TRUMP BATHROOM ROLLS - 3 PLY, 200 SHEETS PER ROLL: It can serve you as a gift, or serve the original TP purpose in your bathroom!

They cheekily added:

TRUMP TOILET PAPER PROUDLY MADE IN CHINA - AND WE WILL MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT (Not really): This toilet paper roll is proudly made in China, which is Donald Trump's favorite country. Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your funny bathroom toilet papers!

And the best thing about it is that it comes in classic black and white...

...And it comes in full-colour, in all its orange goodness.

A pack of three with 200 sheets per role can be yours for the price of £11.99.

Further notes from the seller:

Let the war between the democrat and republican parties begin while you are holding this printed toilet paper as a white flag! Spice things up at the forthcoming BBQ gatherings, picnics with friends and family occasions.

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