Donald Trump has falsely claimed his daughter Ivanka has helped create 14 million jobs, despite the US economy only adding less than 6 million jobs since 2016.

The president made the bizarre claim during a speech at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday in which he praised the supposedly monumental job-creating powers of his daughter.

In a typically ridiculous retelling of a conversation with Ivanka, Trump said:

I say ‘Ivanka, can we please talk about something else?’, [she says] ‘No dad. I met today with Walmart, they’re taking a million people'…

She is… she wants to make these people have great lives and when she started this two and a half years ago, her goal was 500,000 jobs. She’s now created 14 million jobs…

And just in case you thought he might have just got his numbers confused, he doubled down on the false statement moments later by adding that the figure was “14 million and going up”.

According to recent official figures, about 5.6 million jobs have been created during the Trump presidency.

That figure isn’t bad, even though Trump’s job figures lag behind the Obama administration’s figures for 2014-16.

But if you’re going to make up an unbelievable number, why stop at 14 million? Why not say Ivanka made 20 million jobs? Why not 50 million?

It’s also not even true to say Ivanka has created jobs in the last three years, as she only co-chairs a workforce policy board that aims to increase training opportunities for workers, according to Vox’s Aaron Rupar.

A training opportunity is not the same as a job.

Even by his standards, Trump’s comment is an incredible lie.

HT: Vox

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