Man hangs up on live radio interview because he couldn’t name one time Trump told the truth

Man hangs up on live radio interview because he couldn’t name one time Trump told the truth

Donald Trump’s presidency is over, but for some people they are still struggling to come to terms with what kind of legacy the former commander in chief left behind. 

While many will remember Trump for the divisive and toxic policies that he introduced to the United States. Others will point towards his rabid fanbase that has attempted to destroy democracy. Of course, there is the blatant bigotry and racism that Trump disgraced the presidency with. 

That latter point is something that LBC Radio host James O’Brien tried to emphasise on his show on Wednesday. The presenter explained how Trump’s rhetoric has helped embolden racists again and spread hatred around the world, the likes of which hasn’t been seen for decades.

However, a caller to O’Brien’s show disputed this fact.

Steven from Islington, north London, a self-proclaimed ‘Trump fan’ felt that Trump wasn’t a racist. O’Brien replied to this by pointing towards the false ‘birther’ conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

Steven defended this by saying, “There have been previous presidents that have actually white that have also been accused of not being born in America, is that racist?”

Unfortunately for Steven when he was asked to clarify this, he failed to produce any names or evidence. Sensing the Steven was struggling O’Brien asked him to debunk some of the ‘lies’ that the media have said about Trump.

Steven once again returned to the racism debate but as O’Brien pointed out a legion of white supremacists attacked the Capitol building in the name of Trump just two weeks ago. Not backing down, Steven boldly claimed: “he’s not popular with racists” adding “just because he’s questioned someone’s birth certificate, that makes him a racist?”

Steven continued by saying “I think he spoke a lot of the truth on stuff” which O’Brien asked him to elaborate on. This spelt the end for Steven in this particular conversation who then promptly hung up perhaps either realising that he couldn’t win this argument or that he couldn’t find anything true that Trump has ever said.

Either way it made for fascinating radio.

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