On Friday, MSNBC aired a montage of the many, many times that Donald Trump has heavily critcised his former aides just months after initially praising them.

The journalist Ari Melber aired the 44-second clip of Trump lashing out at people like John Bolton, James Mattis, Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sesssions, who have all been appointed by Trump and left his adminstration since 2017.

The contrast between the statements on certain individuals is alarming to say the least such as former secretary of defense general Mattis who he called a "brilliant, wonderful man" before turning on him in January 2019 and labelling him 'a Democrat.'

Trump has recently criticised John Bolton, his former national security adviser, who in a new book has exposed the president's White House as well as detailing several embarrassing moments from Trump, such as when he believed that Finland was part of Russia. Trump has called the book a 'compilation of lies' and called Bolton a 'wacko.'

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