Trump Jr says people complaining about his father not paying taxes 'don't understand’ business

Trump Jr says people complaining about his father not paying taxes 'don't understand’ business

When the New York Times released their damning reports on Donald Trump’s taxes on Sunday, social media went into a frenzy.

The news organisation claimed to have obtained records of Trump’s taxes, which reportedly showed the POTUS paid just $750 of tax in both 2016 and 2017, as well as no tax at all in 11 out of the 18 years prior.

Trump has since (predictably) dismissed the report as “fake news” and now his son, Donald Trump Jr, has weighed in – calling it “ridiculous”.

Speaking on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" programme on Monday, he said:

Listen, it's ridiculous. My father's paid tens of millions of taxes. If he does things in certain years where you get depreciation, where you get write off, where you get historical tax credits – like we did when we took on the risk of building the Old Post Office in D.C. – it's the perfect example.

Trump Jr went on to explain how his father received historical tax credits from an Obama-era policy to claim tax.

He added that “people don’t understand” how business works:

So with that comes historical tax credits. That's the reality. People don't understand what goes into a business. It doesn't include property taxes, it doesn't include payroll taxes, it doesn't include real estate taxes, it doesn't include so many of the things that he has been paying taxes on forever as he's also putting thousands and thousands of people to work on an annual basis.

People on social media weren’t happy about being condescendingly told they don’t understand “what goes into a business’:

Watch the full interview:

The full NYT report found that Trump is due to pay a reported $421m over the next four years, as well as him once spending $70,000 on hair styling for The Apprentice.

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