Donald Trump Jr has massively self-owned his father after he did the controversial “Tomahawk chop” gesture.

The Tomahawk chop is a sporting celebration used by some baseball teams, including the Atlanta Braves. It is a gesture that has long been accused of being disrespectful to Native American culture.

On Saturday, Donald Trump and his wife Melania were in attendance at the team’s Game 4 World Series game against the Houston Astros.

During the game, a stadium-wide Tomahawk chop began and Trump and Melania were both captured on camera participating.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a clip of his father and step-mother doing the gesture on Instagram, committing a spectacular self-own in the process.

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Trump Jr. captioned the post: “Great to see POTUS 45 enjoying a great American sporting tradition… almost as good as the FJB/LGB chants. Almost!”

The text above the clip read: “The Left: The Chop Is Racist”. It was followed by the word “Americans:” followed by multiple US flag emojis and the video of Trump doing the Tomahawk chop, insinuating that Trump is, indeed, racist.

Journalist Aaron Rupar re-posted it on Twitter, writing, “Lol a little bit of a self-own here”.

One person commented: “The Left: The Chop Is Racist! The Right: We’re OK With Being Racist.”

Another said: “Yup, mocking indigenous societies by mocking tools they once used is glaringly racist.

“It’s not a close call.”

Someone else said: “Junior is definitely a Jedi master in the ways of the self-own.”

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