Trump Jr says that the World Health Organization should be renamed the 'Chinese Health Organization'

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr has said that he think the World Health Organization should be renamed the 'Chinese Health Organization.'

He retweeted a tweet from Disclose TV, an unverified Twitter account which claimed that the Japanese deputy prime minister Taso Aro made the claim.

In the retweet, Trump Jr didn't shed any light on his motivations for making this claim, or explain what his issue is exactly with the World Health Organization, simply saying "I'm with him!"

This is a pretty complex matter, but the last person we need weighing into this issue is Donald Trump Jr, who we are not sure has a great understanding of what the relationship between China, Japan and WHO is.

The president's son also shared a WHO tweet from 14 January, which claimed there was no evidence that Covid-19 could be transferred from human to human, with Trump Jr saying that it had aged badly.

He doesn't appear to be a fan of the WHO and probably thinks that he has a right to comment on these types of issues but he is clearly out of his depth with this one and people were more than happy to remind him of that.

The novel coronavirus was first recorded in Wuhan, China on 1 December and has so far infected more than 950,000 people around the world and claimed more than 48,000 lives.

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