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Donald Trump Jr has been mercilessly mocked after he shared ‘leftist propaganda’ on his Instagram.

It came as he shared a meme of a ‘Democrat’ bomber plane covered in ‘liberal’ signage below a ‘Republican’ plane without the added imagery.

The meme was a left-wing meme created to criticise Biden’s recent airstrikes in Syria, though Trump Jr. failed to recognise this. Instead, he posted the image as an ‘own’ to the Democrats.

Trump Jr. is a well-known Republican and was an avid supporter of his father Donald Trump senior while he served as president, and it would be very unlike him to post left-wing content on his social media platforms.

This recent blunder was picked up on by a Twitter account named accidentally left-wing, which posts instances such as these, where conservatives accidentally post things or make arguments that can be interpreted as left-wing.

On this occasion, Trump Jr,’s meme appears to suggest that despite the Democrats being more inclusive and standing up for issues affecting minority groups, they are just as bad as the Republicans because of their war crimes.

The meme drew attention from those who noticed the error, though it appears Trump Jr. himself has not yet grasped it as he captioned the post: “This is a parody, but who can really tell these days?”

It is quite the self-own from Trump Jr. But, it’s just a shame he hasn’t realised.

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