Trump kissing a college student's head is the most uncomfortable thing you'll see today

BREAKING NEWS: Trump is weird.

No, seriously, like really weird.

One thing that rarely gets discussed – probably because his politics is so turbulent and extreme – is just how strange he can be. His mannerisms, his words, his facial expressions - it's all pretty odd.

In terms of mannerisms, there’s the weird 'Trump handshake', the way he drinks water and literally everything to do with the way he treats Melania.

This time, Trump has decided to kiss a college student’s head for quite precisely no discernible reason.

Trump was signing a bill to protect “free speech on college campuses” when he walked up to a young woman and, out of nowhere, kissed her head.

To be honest, we’re pretty scarred by this incident. And it looks like we’re not the only ones.

H/T: Someecards

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