The infamous Trump handshake was beaten by an awkward double kiss

The infamous Trump handshake was beaten by an awkward double kiss

We’ve all been there. You’re in a party full of strangers, you’re being introduced to a friend of a friend, you reach out for a polite handshake… Only to be bowled over by a double-kiss.

This is the predicament President Trump found himself in yesterday, when he was awkwardly embraced by French President Emmanuel Macron at a glamorous state dinner.

A quick glance at the President’s reaction indicates a clear culture shock; the European smooch is a far cry from the dominant, assertive handshakes Trump is best known for.

In fairness, at least it’s better than a repeat of their notorious never-ending handshake – which, naturally, the Internet was quick to mock him for.

The two may seem awkward in each other’s company right now, but it’s likely they’ll get comfortable quickly; over the course of Macron’s three-day visit to the States, the world leaders are slated to discuss Trump's proposed disengagement from the nuclear deal with Iran and the proposal of ongoing military intervention in Syria. Both men faced widespread criticism recently after they ordered air strikes in the war-torn country, justified as an attempt to stamp out the country’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

Macron’s long-awaited state visit may be coming at a tense time, but perhaps this initial embrace hints at peaceful negotiations to come. After all, the best partnerships truly do begin with a kiss.

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