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Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial ended with the former president being cleared of trying to ‘incite an insurrection’ but it certainly wasn’t without incident.

One man who came away with more headlines than anticipated was Trump’s lawyer Michael Van der Veen. Aside from going on bizarre rants on cable news, Van der Veen managed to become a source of ridicule in the actual senate, where people openly laughed at him.

The strangeness from the 57-year-old personal injury attorney, who works out of Philadelphia didn’t end there as footage has appeared to capture him taking a handful of Senate coasters for himself after the trial had finished.

Anne Gearan of The Washington Post reported on Sunday after the trial had concluded, “When it was over, there were no handshakes or any apparent interaction between the two panels of lawyers. Van der Veen did return to the lectern, where he appeared to pocket Senate coasters.”

Indeed some rather shaky footage that has been shared on social media and viewed more than 800,000 times would appear to suggest just that.

The viral footage has prompted further ridicule for Van der Veen and many ‘stop the steal’ jokes.

indy100 has contacted Mr Van der Veen for comment.

Since the trial, Van der Veen has seen his family home in West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania, targetted by vandals who spray-painted the word ‘traitor’ on his driveway.

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