Fox host Lou Dobbs celebrated Independence Day by calling American war heroes 'snowflakes'

Fox Business host and right-wing pundit Lou Dobbs decided to mark Independence Day in a very strange way: by calling American generals 'snowflakes'.

On Thursday, Dobbs took to Twitter in order to say that all generals who didn't support Trump's 'Salute to America' Fourth of July celebrations were 'snowflakes', while also criticising them for not winning any wars.

Dobbs cited a Daily Mail article, claiming that several American generals were opposed to Trump's plans to celebrate July 4 on the National Mall.

In a tweet, he wrote:

No wonder these Snowflake Generals haven't won a war since 1991: Military chiefs concerned about @RealDonaldTrump's July Fourth celebration.

Other social media users were quick to call him out, noting that he had never served in the military, despite being the correct age to serve in the Vietnam War.

Dobbs is a vocal supporter of Trump, and earlier on July 4th, he marked Independence Day with a tweet saying:

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