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As a country built by immigrants, Americans are on thin ground whenever they try to attack immigration.

That’s what Trump supporter Daniel Baranowski learned when he made an analogy about illegal immigrants.

In a recently-resurfaced post, he compared immigration to burglars breaking into someone's home…

Baranowski used a classic Trump tactic of comparing illegal immigrants to other, often violent, criminals.

This is despite research showing immigrants (including illegal ones) are less likely to commit crimes than native-born US citizens.

And there are other problems with the analogy, like how the first US citizens didn’t ask Native Americans for permission to take over the country…

His post also ignores all of the positive contributions by immigrants to America, which far outweigh examples of crime.

Baranowski hit back that the example had nothing to do with illegal immigration.

Well, except that the immigrant is this story was an illegal one…

Then there’s maybe the biggest problem with the tweet – Baranowski’s great-grandfather (his idea of a “good immigrant”) apparently came to America without speaking English, according to genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn.

And they allegedly still couldn’t speak English after more than ten years in the country.

So it looks like he doesn't even have his own ancestors on his side...

If Baranowski is so worried about being called a racist, maybe he should stop trying to scare people about immigrants.

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