Trump aide mercilessly mocked for wearing a US flag shirt and 'Space Force' cap

Greg Evans
Saturday 30 November 2019 16:15
Picture:(TOM BRENNER/Reuters/Twitter)

Mick Mulvaney might not be the most prominent member of the Trump administration but after today he'll probably be best known for his questionable fashion sense.

After returning for a trip to Afghanistan, the acting White House chief of staff was snapped at Palm Beach international airport in Florida, wearing the most eye-watering outfit you've ever seen.

Clad in a literal 'stars and stripes' t-shirt and a 'Space Force' baseball cap, Mulvaney, who, we should add, is a 52-year-old man, was a sight for sore eyes and not in a good way.

Inevitably, once the anti-Trump Twitter brigade caught win of this, Mulvaney unwittingly became a hilarious meme and no one was going to let him off easily for wearing such a get-up.

We have to say that the 'Space Force' cap is what really tops off the outfit.

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