Mike Pompeo used a picture of Lisa Simpson to mock Nancy Pelosi but there is a problem

Mike Pompeo used a picture of Lisa Simpson to mock Nancy Pelosi but there is a problem

Nancy Pelosi's already iconic tearing of Donald Trump's State of the Union speech has inspired a lot of reaction with many hailing her as the new queen of the universe.

You're not gonna see us complaining about this sentiment but there have been a few people (the usual lot) who weren't impressed by what they saw.

Among them was Trump's own secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who shared a picture of little Lisa Simpson crying while tearing up a piece of paper.

Pompeo didn't add any context to the picture but he was clearly trying to mock Pelosi but there is a problem.

By not checking what episode this was from Pompeo has ended up with egg on his face.

The image comes from the season 3 episode 'Mr Lisa Goes to Washington' where Lisa takes part in a children's essay writing contest which takes place in Washington DC.

Lisa gets to the final of the competition by writing a patriotic speech about the greatness of America democracy, however, while she is in the capital she witnesses a crooked congressman Bob Arnold take a bride from a lobbyist for a logging firm.

Upon seeing this crime, she tears up her original speech and rewrites it to be a more honest a scathing assessment of American government and politics.

It's an iconic moment from the early episodes of The Simpsons as Lisa realised that her original speech was doing nothing more than papering of the cracks of democracy and advocating for a corrupt system.

In a way, this is exactly what Pelosi did to Trump on Tuesday so if you were to really scrutinise Pompeo's tweet you could say that he was supporting the Democrat.

Without fail, people picked up on this oversight and were more than happy to tell Pompeo what was going on that particular scene.

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