To say that Donald Trump has a way with words is something of an understatement.

Over the years, the president has displayed his unique vocabulary on a number of occasions and we are pleased to report that he has invented another new word.

During his rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, Trump gave us a unique word, which he called 'foistered.' Yes, that's right; 'foistered'.

Speaking about the Democrats, he said:

First, they engineered the Russia hoax. The single greatest lies ever foistered upon the American people.

Now, we are pretty sure that Trump was trying to say the 'foisted' but clearly had the wrong dentures in and it came out all wrong.

Then again, he might think that 'foistered' is a real word. Who knows. Either way people were tickled by Trump's latest addition to the English language.

However, there were less amusing moments during Trump's rally speech to his supporters.

Addressing Beto O'Rourke, who has declared that evening that he had dropped out of the Democratic race for the presidency, Trump said that he had quit the "race like a dog."

He also added:

Poor b***ard. Pathetic guy. He came out of Texas a very hot political property, and he went back as cold as you can be.

Elsewhere, he turned his attention to Barack Obama, claiming that he had toppled the "Barack Hussein Obama dynasty" and was “kicking the ass” of his predecessor and his supporters.

The president added:

The only time I saw Barack Obama work hard is when he was trying to beat me.

Which is a weird thing to say because Obama never went up against Trump as a candidate in an election. All in all, another average campaign rally for the president.

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