Barack Obama and Donald Trump
Barack Obama and Donald Trump
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Trump’s Fourth of July celebrations definitely leave a lot to be desired – but in comparison with President Obama’s, they were pitiful.

This past weekend, in ordinary times, would have been a big one for President Trump – with the 4th July as a huge celebration, just months away from a re-election campaign.

A video posted on Twitter showed that there was a lot left to be desired – with a Bruno Mars cover band, singing to an empty room.

During the “Salute to America” celebration, the Bruno Mars cover band sang "Uptown Funk' to a sparse crowd. If you look closely at the video, you can see rows of white chairs with not many people actually sitting in them. The Bruno Mars cover band that’s singing is a military band, which is a far cry from the usual pedigree of entertainer who covers the President’s Fourth of July celebration.

Of course, there’s a good explanation – that the pandemic has made gathering in large numbers close to impossible. But even the choice of musician says a lot about what decisions the Trump administration is making.

Compare and contrast that with the Fourth of July celebrations that the Obama administration held in their final term, in 2016. For starters, the real Bruno Mars was there, and playing to what looked like a packed audience.It also looks genuinely fun, even if there hadn’t been as many people there.

People made a meme out of the clip coming from Trump’s celebration.

But the difference is pretty obvious even if you ignore the crowds – the choice of musical guest alone is indication enough of everything that’s different between Obama and Trump.

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