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It almost seems like a cliche but there truly is a Donald Trump tweet for every single situation imaginable.

For this latest instalment of our adventures back through the president's Twitter outbursts, we go to 30 September 2014 where he would be moaning about the then president, Barack Obama apparently not reading his intelligence briefings or being briefed in person by an official adding that he was 'too busy.'

This is particularly embarrassing for Trump as he now appears to have repeated this very grievance that he had with Obama all those years ago.

The New York Times reported on Monday that in February Trump was sent official intelligence relating to a matter in Afghanistan, where the Russian military unit, GRU, was willing to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill US soldiers, as well as interrogate detainees and electronically eavesdrop on US forces. The source added:

This was a big deal. When it's about US troops you go after it 100%, with everything you got.

Given the seriousness of this report you would think that Trump would have taken immediate action. Indeed the National Security Council did hold a meeting about the issue but found that unless the information developed further then they wouldn't take it to the president. However, the NYT report states that the information was given to Trump as part of his daily briefing. But his press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, denied this, saying Trump "was not personally briefed" adding that the New York Times "should hand back it's Pulitzer prizes.

Trump also ranted on Twitter about the report, claiming that is was 'fake news'' and that Mike Pence and chief of staff, Mark Meadows were also not briefed.

Whether Trump did or did not read the briefing is beside the point, as he is now trying to claim that he has done the exact same thing that he wrongfully accused Obama of doing just seven years ago.

People are not about to let him forget that.

Never forget, there is always, always a tweet...

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