This Trump tweet about how much Obama paid in taxes has aged terribly

This Trump tweet about how much Obama paid in taxes has aged terribly

If the past 24 hours has taught us anything then of all people, Donald Trump really shouldn't be complaining about other people's taxes.

An explosive report from the New York Times has revealed that the president's previously undisclosed tax returns show that Trump paid just $750 in tax and no federal income in eleven of the 18 years previous to that.

Trump's only response so far has been a single tweet that just read 'fake news' but around eight years ago he had a different opinion on someone avoiding their taxes. That's right it's Barack Obama.

Back in 2011, when Obama released his tax return for that year it revealed that he had paid $162,074 in federal taxes after earning $789,674. At the time, Trump was happy about the amount that Obama had paid and complained that he had only paid 20.5 per cent of his salary.

It is quite astonishing that there is still a tweet for almost every Trump scandal but here we are again and predictably it didn't take people long to fish it out and shame the president for this tweet which has aged horribly.

Trump did have the right to have some grievance with Obama back then as it was reported by the LA Times that Obama's tax rate was lower than most in that wage bracket but only because he had made $172,130 in charitable donations that year.

Trump does not have the same excuses to fall back on as the New York Times report revealed that Trump has avoided paying taxes by adding many things such as his own properties and even his hairstyling costs as business expenses which helped reduce the amount he owed. The report also detailed the financial problems he had developed prior to becoming president and how many of his businesses have profited since he came to power.

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