If Trump likes being president so much, why did go golfing for 1 in every 5 days last year?

If Trump likes being president so much, why did go golfing for 1 in every 5 days last year?

President Trump is known for his use of “alternative facts” (lies).

And right now, he’s putting that on display in the most obvious way as he tried to convince his supporters that the election (which is currently too close to call) hasn’t been conducted fairly.

The only thing Trump seems to like more than tweeting, tacos and fake tan seems to be being in power. He’s desperate for another four years in office. So desperate that he’s even willing to challenge the integrity of the election for the slim chance it might help him cling on to power.

Right now, we imagine Trump is probably sat somewhere looking a little like this…

His “advisers” are probably getting their heads bitten off as he sends out tweet after tweet in order so somehow sway an election which appears to be slipping away.

But if Trump wants to be president so badly, then why did he spend so much of his time as president not doing presidential things?

There’s the hours (and hours) of tweeting, which we know about.

But Trump also spent an average of one in five days last year golfing.

Yup, that’s right. In fact, Trump played more in his first term than Obama did in his entire two terms. He even went golfing during the pandemic, as Americans died of Covid-19.

And this wouldn’t be quite as bad if he hadn’t constantly criticised Barack Obama for playing golf, particularly in times of national crisis.

People have also said that Trump cheats a lot when he plays.

He allegedly makes his scores better by cheating or straight up moves the ball, which is against the rules. He even claimed to have shot a round at a course that would technically qualify him for the US open. Which, no offence Donald, feels like a bit of a reach.

All in all, it seems like stretching the truth is Trump's favourite pastime. And if he can do that on the golf course, it makes sense that it'd be his favourite hobby.

But if the votes continue to go the way they they are, Trump might soon have a lot more time to spare to spend on the golf course. Surely that should make him happy...?

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