On Wednesday, Donald Trump hosted the first visit of a foreign leader to the White House since the pandemic began, when he played host to president Andrzej Duda of Poland.

For the most part, this was nowhere near as unhinged as his recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma as Trump tried to play statesman in front of Duda and touted trade agreements between the two nations.

It wasn't long before the veil slipped and Trump began to take shots at, of all organisations, NATO, who he hasn't criticised for quite some time. According to the president NATO are 'deliquent' because of some confusing explanation that he gave about payments, adding that Poland is one of only eight countries that actually pays the amount that they are supposed to.

Trump then went on to praise Poland's efforts to safeguard it's borders and added, without irony, that he was against foreign extortion, despite the fact that he was impeached for trying to extort Ukraine.

Almost without any sort of prompt, Trump then swiftly moved on to criticising Germany, Poland's neighbour, because the country has decided to purchase energy from Russia before quickly returning to praise Poland.

Back to Russia, Trump falsely claims that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were responsible for the Russian invasion of the Crimea area of Ukraine, an ongoing conflict that has claimed more than 5,000 lives.

Next, Trump was asked about a police reform bill which had failed to pass in the Senate after Democrats blocked it, criticising the legislation as 'inadequate' as reported by CNN. In response, this is what the president gave a rambling answer where he proceeded to criticise the Democrats and claimed that cities that they run have a worst crime rate than countries like Honduras and Afghanistan.

Perhaps the most outrageous thing that Trump said in the entire press conference was that the anti-racist protesters who have torn down statues of Confederate generals across the United States are now targetting statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Jesus Christ.

The press conference was then brought to an abrupt end by Trump as he walked away for a question that was shouted at him about the coronavirus deaths that he has overseen since he has been in office.

Nothing like a rambling Trump press conference to demonstrate the world is slowly retuning to normal...

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