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On Monday, Americans celebrated "Presidents' Day" – a literal federal holiday for people to pay tribute to the 45 men that have served the highest office in the United States of America.

It proved to be a relatively quiet day for the incumbent Donald Trump, who marked the day by posting a tweet with a glaring typo.

The apostrophe goes after the 'S,' Donald, not before! It's not literally a day just for you...

As you can imagine people revelled in this now routine mistake from the president.

This basically set the online tone for the day, as the majority of people did everything they could to not give Trump any satisfaction on that particular day.

Trump's predecessor Barack Obama, was obviously a popular choice.

Even Hakeem Jeffries, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus who also served as a manager during Trump's impeachment trial, who posted a Batman meme, celebrating Obama.

Even Obama himself joined in on the celebration of himself, tweeting a picture of his declaration of the presidency and listing his achievements, many of which Trump continues to take credit for.

Obama's vice president Joe Biden, who is campaigning to become president, also trolled Trump, with a timely reminder that yes, unfortunately, Donald Trump is still the POTUS.

Elsewhere, people focused on the people that could be facing Trump in the forthcoming US election at the end of the year, with Elizabeth Warren proving to be a popular choice on the day.

Bernie Sanders, who is also in the race to become the Democratic candidate held a rally in Tacoma, Washington which proved to be immensely popular.

We'll leave you with this, which fully encapsulates how president's day must feel for many people across America.

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