Since Donald Trump was elected as president in 2016, he’s been no friend to the LGBT+ community.

Trump’s trans military ban – which bans trans people from serving in the military unless they do not medically transition – came into effect earlier this year. Trump has also pressed ahead with plans to make anti-LGBT+ discrimination legal on religious grounds in areas such as employment and healthcare.

For the first two years of his presidency, Trump failed to acknowledge Pride month, which his predecessor Barack Obama had celebrated each year.

But this year, Trump broke with tradition and acknowledged Pride month.

It is correct that the Trump administration did launch a global effort to decriminalise homosexuality. Though pundits gauged that the campaign was designed to outmanoeuvre Iran, America’s “top geopolitical foe” that criminalises homosexuality.

Despite what America is doing abroad, the Human Rights Campaign – America’s largest LGBT+ organisation – quickly called the president out for his domestic policies which target LGBT+ Americans.

Other Twitter users also condemned the president’s tweets, because it certainly seems rich for him to pat himself on the back for helping the LGBT+ community.

Twitter listed the many, many anti-LGBT+ things Trump has done since taking office.

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