People think this video of Trump's 'walk of shame' sums up his presidency

Trump hasn’t had a great weekend.

His first rally in person – in Tulsa, Oklahoma – only had 6,200 people attending, even though the stadium could hold 19,000.

It was supposed to be his great return back to a public stage – but it didn’t really work out that way. After a disappointing turnout, as well as a weird performance at the rally – where he defended his walk down a ramp at a military academy for fifteen minutes – meant the rally was more of an indication that the appeal of Trump may be declining.

A video emerged from his return back to the White House, as he descended the stairs of Air Force One – Trump clutching a MAGA hat, looking incredibly dejected. He seemed to not have any pep in his step as he walked back from the plane.

Some have called it a ‘walk of shame’, while others pointed to this image of Trump which captured how he may have really felt after the rally.

Others pointed out that this was the worst Trump has ever looked.

Other people set clips of Trump’s walk to music.

For Trump, this may be a sign that even his diehard fans won't brave a pandemic to come see him. For others, it could be a sign that Trump's power is starting to finally decrease.

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