Donald Trump did an impression of an orgasm and people are not here for it

Donald Trump has done an impression of Peter Strzok having an orgasm at a rally in Minneapolis.

Yes, the 45th President of the United States is now doing lewd material on stage and it's not even as good as 'that' scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Strzok had worked on Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation but was removed when criticisms of Trump were discovered in text messages exchanged between him and FBI lawyer Lisa Page while they were conducting an extramarital affair.

Trump referenced this when he launched into a baffling rant that seemed to conclude with an orgasm impersonation that is unlikely to have Meg Ryan quaking in her boots:

Much earlier Peter Strzok. He and his lover, Lisa Page. What a group.

She’s going to win 10,000,000-1. She’s going to win Peter, I love you so much.

I love you Peter. I love you too, Lisa. Lisa, I love you.

If she doesn’t win, we got an insurance policy. We will get that son of a b***h out. The phony Russia hoax.

The people were, predictably, less than impressed with this rather grotesque bit of acting from the POTUS.

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