Last time we checked, trucks are not very modern, have super fast WiFi or accurate cruise control.

But President Donald Trump, as always, surprised viewers when he tried to complain that tractors don't hook up to the internet. ​Yes, really.

In a rally speaking to farmers in Iowa yesterday, Trump boasts about how much his government is investing in rural broadband, adding that the mid-West has been treated badly in "anything to do with the word computer". He said:

We’ve secured nearly 1.2 billion dollars to expand rural broadband, which you need very badly. You need very badly. They have not treated the mid-west well with broadband, with anything to do with the word computer.

The president then adds that he has even noticed this issue with some of the tractors in Iowa.

I look at some of the tractors and they don’t even hook up.

They’re all set, but you don’t have the capability in terms of your infrastructure.

What is funnier about this bizarre moment is that Fox News, which was streaming the speech, cut Trump off before he could embarrass himself any further, quickly adding that the president was offering a lot of "fodder for discussion". Watch the full clip here.

While Trump is no stranger to getting pretty basic facts wrong, like last week when he claimed that the Moon was "part of Mars", this is a whole new level of odd.

Which is why it also seems like the appropriate time to remember this very crucial Trump vs. truck moment.

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