A brutal new advert has revealed just how many high-profile Republicans have criticised Donald Trump in the past, before going on to praise him or work for him.

With the US election looming just on the horizon, people are doing everything within their power to stop Donald Trump from winning a second term in the White House.

This includes digging up anything about him or his associates that can be found that shines the president in a bad light, which after the last four years shouldn't be too hard.

However, a new video released by progressive media outlet act.tv has taken the unique approach of seeing just what some of the very people that have championed Trump have said about him in the past.

Using footage of high profile Republicans such as Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Lindsey Graham, Mike Pompeo and Kellyanne Conway, many of whom have served in the current administration, the two-minute video paints a devastating portrait of what people thought of Trump before he came to power.

A similar advert has also been released by Meidas Touch with the word's 'They Knew' almost becoming a new motto for opponents of the president.

On a less serious note, The Daily Show have used the words of Fox News against them after one of their contributors, Cassie Smedile, the press secretary for the Republican National Convention, mocked Joe Biden for successfully reading from a teleprompter, something which Trump is still struggling to get to grips with.

Trump is still reportedly behind Biden in many major polls with the Democrats winning praise for this week's Democratic National Convention.

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