Why people are furious that this Trump tweet is how they learned Rudy Giuliani has coronavirus

Why people are furious that this Trump tweet is how they learned Rudy Giuliani has coronavirus

Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is reportedly in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus following a series of public appearances where he didn't wear a mask or follow social distancing guidelines.

President Trump confirmed the news on Twitter on Sunday and it was also reported by ABC News and the New York Times that Giuliani, who is fronting Trump's legal cases against baseless claims of voter fraud, is in hospital in Washington DC at Georgetown University Medical Center. There has been no further update on his condition at the time of writing.

Trump announced the news on Twitter and it seems the president decided that a more aggressive and confrontational approach was appropriate. Instead of a sombre tone, Trump began ranting about conspiracy theories and even resorted to calling Covid-19 the 'China Virus,' something that he has been constantly criticised for throughout the pandemic.

Trump’s casual racism and relentless pursuit of a false conspiracy theory is so potent that he couldn’t even let it drop when confirming that his friend had been struck down with a deadly disease that has claimed millions of lives around the globe. It’s perhaps especially striking. given Trump himself tested positive during his campaign. 

Needless to say, people were unimpressed with the president’s response to the news. 

Giuliani has been front and centre of Trump’s attempts to reverse the election in his favour since it was confirmed that Joe Biden was the president-elect. 

Notable incidents have included his bizarre press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, having his hair dye run down his face during a heated press conference and most recently an election hearing which featured several questionable witnesses who went on bizarre rants and suggested that ‘all Chinese people look the same.’ 

He also at one point asked a witness to remove her face mask. So far, he has been unable to produce any substantial evidence of voter fraud or tampering with the election.

Giuliani is one of many high profile members of Trump’s team to contract Covid-19. Others include Kayleigh McEnany, Corey Lewandowski, Mark Meadows, Ben Carson and the president himself as well as first lady, Melania Trump.

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