Trump tried to shade Sadiq Khan but just ended up proving he cannot spell
Twitter / Daniel Sugarman

Donald Trump is no fan of Sadiq Khan, but in his latest Twitter rant about the Mayor of London is arguably his most facepalm-inducing yet.

The tweet was an attempt to clap back at Khan for his comments about Trump playing golf instead of concentrating on Hurricane Dorian, which the president claimed was so urgent he had to pull out of his scheduled trip to Poland to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Second World War.

However, in his haste to throw shade, Trump mis-spelt Khan's name - not once, but twice, referring to the mayor as "Sadique Kahn".

We can only assume someone pointed out the mistake, because Trump quickly deleted his original tweet and reposted it with the correct spelling, but not before people screengrabbed the gaffe for posterity.

Trump's actual points have also been widely derided. The main issues at hand for the president seemed to be that he played golf very quickly and inexpensively, that "Pols" [sic] "exercise for hours", that President Obama once few to Hawaii and that people are "afraid to walk the streets" of London due to "out of control" knife crime.

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