A former aide of Donald Trump has suggested that teachers wear 'body condoms' in order to stop the spread of coronavirus if schools do reopen.

Sebastian Gorka, who worked as deputy assistant to the president and strategist in the White House between January and August 2017, is fully behind schools reopening, which is starting to become a major discussion in the US, with Trump urging them to reopen to help the economy.

While speaking to Michael Knowles, a commentator for the right-wing website The Daily Caller, on his radio show, Gorka seemed to joke off the air by saying:

The idea that the kids that are safe and aren't being killed by coronavirus, they're the problem? Well, put the bloody teachers in body condoms, I don't know. Put them in hazmat suits, I don't care.

We doubt this is a serious suggestion from Gorka but it couldn't help but remind us of a classic joke from The Naked Gun.

Gorka's "joke" might have been preposterous but the coronavirus continues to be no laughing matter in the United States, which now has more than 4 million cases and more than 158,000 deaths, by far the most in the world in both categories.

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