Donald Trump is the master of hyberbole and no embellishment or boast is too big the current president of the United States of America.

With the US waiting to see what special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report will reveal about Trump's possible collusions with Russia, he invited state and local leaders to the White House to discuss so-called 'opportunity zones.'

This discussion was reportedly created thanks to a 2017 tax law which aims to drive more investment into lower income regions of the US and of course Donald Trump was more than happy to talk about how well the economy has done under his leadership.

At one point during the talk, he boldly claimed that the US economy wasn't the biggest in the world before he was inaugurated in January 2017. The 72-year-old former reality tv star said:

Our country's doing well, we're the hottest economy in the world, We're by far the biggest economy in the world.

We weren't, when I first came, it was heading in the wrong direction and now we're in the right direction.

This is obviously wrong. The United States has had the world's largest economy in terms of GSP since at least the 1920s, which includes it soldiering through a depression and a world war.

You hardly need us to tell you that Trump is keen to parade his economic achievements around like a badge of honour but to claim the US economy wasn't the largest in the world is a stretch too far for some.

Just to prove that the president was firing on all cylinders yesterday and wasn't in any way distracted, he later said something so incoherent we literally have no idea what he was talking about.


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