For a man who spends most of his time on Twitter, Donald Trump doesn't often partake in meme trends and jokes.

When he does, it tends to be spreading awful Game of Thrones style memes that he probably found on Reddit.

However, he is back in the meme game and it's fair to say that his latest effort is 'nice!'

Citing a recent Gallup poll that predicting that 69 per cent of Americans are confident that their finances will continue to grow, he tweeted this:

That's right, the president of the United States just used the '69-nice' meme. This is a real thing that happened.

If you aren't aware of the meme, an extensive article by The Daily Dot dates it back to the summer of 2008, where it started to become prevalent on social media.

They also claim that the phrase was used in a South Park episode from 2006.

69 is a clear reference to the act of mutual sex between two people, due to the position resembling the number.

Either way, the fact that the president is now using this just shows how far and wide the meme has spread and the internet is positively losing it.

Not everyone saw the funny side, with a few people proclaiming the meme to now be dead.

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