Trump and his Polish counterpart just got upstaged by a spiderweb

Trump and his Polish counterpart just got upstaged by a spiderweb

Donald Trump met with Polish president Andrzej Duda at the White House on Wednesday to discuss defence, announcing a plan to station 1,000 American troops in Poland to see off Russian aggression.

The pair gave a joint press conference from the Rose Garden in which Trump talked of "the unbreakable bonds" between their two nations and mused about "the enduring ties of civilisation".

What he didn't realise was quite how apt his words were.

Clearly visible to the assembled press corps was a long strand from a spider's web running from one man's podium mic to the next, glistening in the bright morning sunlight.

A mesmerising distraction in what was, quite frankly, a tedious occasion.

The strand survived the men repeatedly adjusting the microphones until Trump finally broke it when he raised a finger to point out a reporter with a question.

Trump hasn't had much luck with fauna recently.

He accidentally tweeted about having met the "Prince of Whales" on his recent state visit to Britain, inspiring a thousand memes, while Larry the Downing Street cat got settled under his armoured Limousine "The Beast" in London and wouldn't come out.

As a candidate, he addressed a rally in Anaheim, California, in May 2016 with a fly sitting happily on his golden mane of hair, proving himself less adept at swatting insects than his predecessor, Barack Obama.

CNN joke in the tweet above that Peter Parker was nowhere to be found, presenting a rare opportunity to draw attention to the president's role in the Spider-Man universe we feel duty bound to take.

In Spider-Gwen Annual #1, an issue of the Marvel comic from July 2016 from the Earth-65 timeline, the title character battles a supervillain known as MODAAK ("Mental Organism Designed As America's King") who bears more than a passing resemblance to Donald Trump, hates "foreign filth" and plans to build a border wall between Texas and Mexico before he is defeated by Captain America.

Much like his comic book counterpart, Trump's credibility could currently be said to be hanging by a thread.

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