Trump supporter believes what president is doing is 'greater than the abolition of slavery'

We all know that Trump supporters (or loyal supporters of any politician) can be guilty of hyperbole but we might have seen it all now.

A caller to the C-SPAN network on Wednesday, to voice his opinion on the impeachment enquiries, which he is obviously against.

The man, Neil from Oregon, believes that the Democrats are doing all they can to have Trump taken out of office, which you could say is a fair assessment of the situation.

However, what came next was a lot more disputable. Neil said:

It just seems like they've got this absolute hellbent desire to dethrone Trump who has done the best in this country that any president has ever done. 

He supersedes Lincoln. Lincoln only freed the slaves. Yes, that's a big thing. But what Trump is doing is far greater. 

Yes, that's right, Neil seriously believes that what Trump has done since coming to office in 2017, is a greater achievement than Lincoln abolishing close to a century of oppression against unfairly imprisoned people.

Neil didn't care to offer any further thoughts on his interesting take on history and what contribution Trump has given us is more significant but we're just gonna have to take his word for it.


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