Trump supporter furious after being banned from Fox News for 'misogynistic' attack on Kamala Harris
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Fox News has axed a frequent guest for a "sexist" tweet about Kamala Harris.

Harlan Hill, a Republican commentator who often appeared on the network, was sacked by the news broadcaster in response to outrage over his post.

The tweet, which still has not been deleted, called Kamala Harris an “insufferable, lying b****”.

Hill then doubled-down on it and said: “You can say the most vile things about Trump AND his family, but don’t you dare speak ill of Queen Kamala. LMFAO.”

He also called her the sexist term once again before retweeting his initial tweet.

Fox News said: “We have no intention of booking him as a guest on any of our platforms.”

According to journalist Yashar Ali, Hill was not paid for his commentary and had not appeared on a Fox platform since June.

People were outraged by Hill’s tweet, branding him a “misogynist”.

Others accused him of being racist.

We’re not expecting an apology from Hill any time soon. But we can still hope.

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