Mother gets perfectly called out by her kid for believing ‘Antifa attacked the Capitol’

Mother gets perfectly called out by her kid for believing ‘Antifa attacked the Capitol’

It’s not a surprise that the Trump administration has sowed divisions between people, and that includes family members.

A child is garnering attention and praise for standing up to their Trump supporter mother, who attempted to push the conspiracy theory that Antifa was responsible for the Capitol riots.

In a viral video captured by the anonymous child, the mother enters their bedroom to tell them that “Antifa attacked the Capitol”. “They were mixed in with the Trump supporters,” she said, and cited people wearing “MAGA hats backwards” as proof of Antifa members disguising themselves as Trump supporters in the riots.

“What is wrong with that sentence?” her kid replies. When their mother cannot answer, they add that she just proved that Trump supporters also stormed the Capitol.

The mother challenges them by saying that Trump supporters were peacefully assembling outside, but they argue back that “they were terrorising people”.

The unconvinced mother then leaves, looking fed up, but not before the child puts an end to the conversation once and for all by telling her that her “stupidity is gross”.

With the video going viral, people on social media effusively praised the child for shutting down their parent’s baseless conspiracy theory so effectively.

This isn’t the first time Gen Z has confronted their conservative parents. Numerous TikTok videos involve teens trying to educate adults on issues like Black Lives Matter, with the most famous example being Claudia Conway, daughter of former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

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