A woman said Star Wars fans are 'undateable’ and was immediately called out

Star Wars grab and Twitter

The latest trailer for the new Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker recently dropped, and with it came many passionate fans – but not everyone appreciates said passion.

A woman with the Twitter handle Ashley StClair, a self-professed Trump supporter, drew people’s ire after she made fun of passionate male fans of Star Wars and super hero movies.

StClair posted a link to a reaction video made by a Star Wars fan about the new trailer. Beneath it she wrote:

Star Wars and super hero movie obsession culture has revealed a whole new population of undateable men. Might be worse than men who wear cargo shorts.

Amidst the thousands of comments criticising her, one by Emily Chaney, a teacher-in-training from Michigan, stood out for the important point she made about toxic masculinity.

The post had garnered lots of criticism and Star Wars fans lashed out, prompting a follow-up tweet by StClair that read:

Nerd Twitter is upset that I think men who obsess and cry over Star Wars are undateable #MakeMenGreatAgain​​

In a thread Chaney wrote, she talked about harmful male stereotypes and began: "Liking one or both of these is a PREREQUISITE for dating me. Mostly because 1. having similar interests is important and 2. I almost exclusively have a thing for nerds."

How about instead we talk about the toxic culture of entitled, self-absorbed women?

People - especially men - praised her response.

Ashley StClair said she received death threats from Star Wars fans, and plans to release a YouTube video about “ masculinity is being destroyed in today's society”.

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