Trump supporters filmed shouting ‘traitor!’ after Arizona’s republican governor certifies results
Brendan Gutenschwager/Twitter

Trump supporters chanted “traitor, traitor” as Republican governor Douglas Ducey certified Joe Biden’s election win.

Right-wing campaigner Ali Alexander announced the news to a group of Trump supporters, telling them:

“I’ve got bad news. One minute ago, Arizona has certified the official canvas results for the 2020 general election. Governor Ducey made this stupid quote: we do elections well, our system is strong. We need to remind governor Ducey, we need to remind the speaker…”

Alexander was then drowned out by chants of “fraud” and “traitor, traitor”.do

Arizona and Wisconsin are the latest swing states to officially recognise Biden’s win. In Arizona, all eleven electoral votes went to Biden.

Mark Kelly, a Democrat, will be sworn in as the state’s senator later this week.

Some Trump supporters are still clinging to the hope that the president will serve four more years. A rapid succession of certifications is putting an end to any possibility of that.

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