Lara Trump gets brutally corrected by TV host after making ‘delusional’ claims about the election

Lara Trump just tried to claim that Donald Trump will serve as president for four more years.

Trump, who is Eric Trump’s wife and a potential senate candidate for North Carolina, told Fox News that she thinks her father-in-law will win the 2020 election.

She said:

“I still think that the president will get four more years in office. I think it will be the next four years because this thing is far from over.”

At this point, Fox News’s Martha MacCallum cut in, pointing out that Biden has been certified as the election’s winner in numerous states.

Trump continued:

“Well those certifications are just procedural steps and the reality is that the electoral college does not vote in their states until December 14th. Congress doesn’t actually certify anything until the beginning of January, so we’ve got plenty of time.”

While it’s true that the democratic processes designed to ensure a smooth transition of power between presidents are ongoing – and will be until Biden’s inauguration on 20th January – Biden’s win has been certified by the majority of key states including Wisconsin and Arizona.

It was also called by multiple polling experts and news outlets in early November.

Trump himself even seemed to begin to concede by announcing that his team will begin allowing handover protocols to take place, though he stopped short at admitting his loss.

Several of his lawsuits aimed at contesting the election’s procedure and outcome have been thrown out as his lawyers have failed to prove widespread voter fraud or that the election was rigged.

Trump was ridiculed for her “delusional” comments to Fox News.

The only Trump with any chance of election in the near future is, ironically, herself

It’s about time she and her family accept that.

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