Thai newspaper changes its name to 'Thigh Enquirer' to mock Trump

Thai newspaper changes its name to 'Thigh Enquirer' to mock Trump

Donald Trump mispronouncing things isn't anything new but rarely does he make such a mistake that a newspaper decides to change their name just to mock him.

While speaking to a small number of followers in Ohio on Thursday, Trump bemoaned that parts of US manufacturing had been moved to countries like Vietnam and Thailand, except he didn't say Thailand at all but 'Thighland.'

Although Trump would correct himself just moments later, the damage had already been done and social media was soon awash with people mocking him (and a few going out of their way to defend him).

Meanwhile, in Thailand, the news of Trump's mishap has been greeted with further mockery and ridicule as the Thai Enquirer has changed their name on Twitter to "Thigh Enquirer" (which sounds like a joke job from The Simpsons, like 'The Wallet Inspector')

Picture:Picture: Twitter/Screengrab

"Thigh Enquirer" has even put together a neat video, explaining why Trump was wrong and also debunking his supporters who said he was correct, as well as criticising Trump for praising their controversial leader.

They weren't pulling any punches with Dinesh D'Souza either, the Trump supporter who said that 'Thigh Land' was the correct pronunciation.

All in all, people are loving the temporary name change and the paper is taking it all in its stride.

Just when you thought the you'd seen the best trolling of Trump possible, Thailand steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park.

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