Trump mercilessly ridiculed for bizarre 'Thighland' blunder

Trump mercilessly ridiculed for bizarre 'Thighland' blunder

We all have brain farts from time to time.

But when you’re the leader of the ‘free’ world, those can be rather more embarrassing.

Especially if, as president, you’re meant to have an encyclopedic knowledge of other countries and the correct way to refer to them and their population (remember George Bush and the ‘Grecians’?).

Which is why Donald Trump’s latest bizarre incident has prompted ridicule, as the president referred to ‘Thailand’ as “Thighland” in a speech where he lambasted companies supposedly sending jobs overseas to east Asian countries.

Speaking to an audience at a Whirlpool factory in Clyde, Ohio, Trump said:

Four or five years ago this place was a disaster.

In 2017 Whirlpool won relief from the ITC (US International Trade Commission) once again. Once more, your foreign competitors moved their factories to prevent a level playing field, and to avoid liability.

Shifting production to Thighland, and to Vietnam.

The blunder comes just days after he referred to Yosemite (pronounced Yoh-sem-it-ee) National Park as “Yo-semite”.

Of course, people were immediately tickled.

Some were reminded of their own fond memories of ‘Thigland’.

Others quickly worked up catchy little ditties.

There were compilations of Trump’s greatest linguistic hits.

But people were also distracted by other aspects…

Some high-profile Republicans also tried to defend Trump’s error.

Which led to further laughs.

Many moments of levity.

Wonder how the pandemic is being handled in Thighland?

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