Trump is calling the 'Tim Apple' stories 'disparaging fake news'

Trump is calling the 'Tim Apple' stories 'disparaging fake news'

In what should be no surprise to anyone, according to reports Donald Trump claimed on Friday that didn't erroneously refer to Apple CEO Tim Cook as "Tim Apple".

Last week Cook was in a meeting with Trump for the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board when the president called him "Tim Apple" right to his face.

The moment spawned countless memes, Cook himself embraced the faux-pas by changing his name on Twitter and the White House tried to gloss over the mistake in their official transcript of the exchange.

But now, according to an Axios journalis Jonathan Swan, Trump is trying to argue that the ridiculous name mix up is "fake news,"

Axios reported that Trump was at Mar-a-Lago in Florida on Friday when he claimed to the Republican donors in attendance that he actually said "Tim Cook, Apple" it's just that he said 'Cook' very quietly.

Thankfully, we have videos straight from the White House's own YouTube channel which show the meeting and more importantly show with crystal clear audio what Trump actually said.

Let's take another look at the video, shall we?

Notice how when he speaks he says the words "Tim Apple" which would be strange given Trumps version of events, except that's exactly what he said, then he takes a deep breathe. Just as we all would had we just referred to the CEO of Apple as 'Tim Apple.

No "Cook" is audible nor can you see his mouth move to say it.

Since this story emerged Trump himself has, of course, taken to Twitter to clarify that he actually referred to Cook as 'Tim Apple' to save time. True as this may be it's worth noting that 'Cook' actually contains one less syllable than 'Apple' and Trump would have managed to save even more time had he just called the Apple CEOI by his actual name. But here we are.

At this point it's really just par for the course with Donald Trump.

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