Trump tweeted his favourite meme to annoy people – and it worked (again)

Trump tweeted his favourite meme to annoy people – and it worked (again)

Donald Trump is very online. Extremely online. Problematically online. So where else would he celebrate his impeachment acquittal?

On Twitter of course!

Yes, after being predictably cleared by a Republican-controlled senate on charges of abuse of power, Trump’s was a triumphant mood.

So he posted one of his favourite memes: a terrifying video showing a mocked-up Time magazine cover, featuring Trump campaign posters dated for every four years for the foreseeable future (Trump loves Timemagazine and has been previously asked to remove fake covers from his golf clubs by the publication).

The implication is, of course, that Trump’s presidency will never end.

Subtle as ever, the video drills the point home, ending with a shot of Trump attempting to look statesmanlike while a poster displays the words “Trump 4EVA”.


It’s made all the more dystopian by being set to a frantic soundtrack of composer Edvard Grieg’s Suite No. 1 Op. 46: IV akaIn the Hall of the Mountain King.

And of course, this riled up frustrated anti-Trump individuals online (although you’d think by now they’d learned that Trump feeds off opposition and hates being ignored).

So they responded in kind.

Someone tried to point out he can only serve two terms (he knows. Probably).

Others took the tweet very seriously.

There were those furiously tapping the Constitution.

And helpful explanations of what a dictatorship is.

But a few recognised the tweet for what it is: a wind up.

Trump is a terrible leader, who is causing immeasurable harm to the most marginalised in America.

But stop taking his tweets seriously; it just gives him more power.

Mute the man, mute the memes and keep it moving.

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