Trump clashes with his own trade chief in the most cringe-worthy video you'll see today

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Hello, and welcome back to another episode of president Trump is clueless in the White House.

Today's events take place in the Oval Office, where a heated exchange erupted between the president and his top trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, as they publicly negotiated a trade agreement with Chinese officials.

The debate arose while the two discussed the meaning of so-called "memorandums of understanding" (or MOUs) and how long they would last in a trade deal, in front of cameras on Friday.

Trump told reporters that they would be: "Very short term. I don't like MOUs because they don't mean anything. To me, they don't mean anything".

But Lighthizer, turning to camera's, responded:

An MOU is a binding agreement between two people.

It’s detailed. It covers everything in great detail. It’s a legal term. It’s a contract.

Quickly, Trump fired back, saying (brace yourself, because this is wordy and possibly doesn't make any sense at all):

By the way I disagree.

We’re doing a memorandum of understanding that will be put into a final contract, I assume. But to me, the final contract is really the thing Bob, and I think you mean that too, is really the thing that means something. A memorandum of understanding is exactly that, it’s a memorandum of what our understanding is.

Before quickly adding:

The real question is, Bob… how long will it take to put that into a final binding contract

Lighthizer, who can tell that Trump is struggling, helps to break it down for him, agreeing:

From now on, we’re not using the word ‘memorandum of understanding' anymore.

We’re going to use the term ‘trade agreement’ … We’re never going to use MOU again.

Let's have a closer look at that, shall we?

The Chinese vice premier, who is sitting next to Lighthizer, is seen laughing as the exchange carried on.

After the clash, Lighthizer apparently had a private talking to from the president, who said the incident left him "embarrassed", according to a Bloomberg report.

It seems like the president wasn't the only one that was ashamed, as many took to Twitter to express their shock at the public dispute.

The Oval Office discussion came as Trump sis trying to finalise a trade deal between the US and China that would avoid additional tariffs.

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