CNN had the perfect comeback to Trump after he called their reporting 'pure fiction'

Joshua Roberts/ Reuters/iStock/Getty Images

The feud between Donald Trump and CNN is unlikely to ever end and the two parties keep adding new chapters to their rivalry.

This latest spat came after CNN published a story by journalists Jim Acosta and Maegan Vazquez, where it was claimed that the president is still failing to grasp how serious the pandemic is, according to a source within his coronavirus task force.

Unsurprisingly, Trump didn't like this at all, labelling Acosta a 'fake reporter' in a Tweet, as well as calling the outlets sources 'made up' and 'pure fiction.'

Rather than just let Trump ridicule them on social media, CNN's PR account replied to the president and they did not hold back, even mimicking the president's penchant for random capital letters in the middle of sentences for no reason.

Although it could be argued that CNN should have taken the higher ground and not responded to Trump, their comeback won them a lot of fans.

Not only does Trump have a grudge with CNN, he also has a history with Acosta, who was briefly banned from the White House in November 2018 after getting into a confrontation with the president where he was accused of assaulting an intern.

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